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The world’s most exclusive rehabilitation centre

Our high-end treatment centre covers the widest range of psychological and dependency disorders with bespoke care plans, in completely private and luxurious surroundings. Our internationally renowned team of doctors and psychiatrists provides one-on-one care, identifying and treating the underlying causes of a problem – a luxury rehab centre with Swiss 5-star standards of excellence.

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Swiss luxury standards

Why The Kusnacht Practice?

1 - Swiss standards of excellence

We are the world’s leading provider of high quality clinical care for international clients who require the very best psychological and dependency treatment services. We provide every client with Swiss 5-star standards of luxury and always in strictest confidence – simply the most exclusive rehab centre of the world.

Unique treatment approach

2 – Unique & intensive approach

Each client has his or her own personal care team, who treats the client individually, in order to deliver a highly tailored clinical plan for recovery. This enables clients to take advantage of an holistic & intensive programme of up to eight hours per day of highly efficient one-to-one sessions. A sustainable high-end inpatient treatment for achieving the patient’s goals.

understand the symptoms - identify a problem

3 – Looking beyond the symptoms

We believe the best way to treat the majority of psychological and dependency disorders is to look beyond mere symptoms in order to identify the root causes of a problem. Therefore, a well-founded diagnosis is the cornerstone of our program. Only when this has been done is it possible to successfully achieve the ultimate goal of a lasting recovery.

Proven methods & treatment

4 – Proven methods & treatment

Our clinical experts with decades of medical experience adopt a unique approach that combines the latest scientific advances and clinical therapy along with complementary treatments. This enables clients to benefit from a wide range of highly effective procedures, including 12 Step programmes where appropriate. The patient’s privacy remains always top priority.


Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R)

Biomolecular Restoration

- scientific rejuvenation for body & brain

Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R) is an innovative medical treatment pioneered by The Kusnacht Practice to correct harmful imbalances in our biochemistry. It promotes physical health, emotional wellbeing, weight loss and anti-aging via a formulation of micronutrients that is unique to each client.

Bio-R is particularly effective for the treatment of addiction, which is closely associated with complex imbalances in brain chemistry. By restoring balances in the brain and body to healthy levels, Bio-R greatly enhances the chances of successful recovery.

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Client testimonials

  • Caroline, aged 26

    Before I came to The Kusnacht Practice, I was in 15 treatment centres involving 3 years of my life. After I left the last one, I overdosed and clinically died. Since completing 2 months as a residential client and several in aftercare, I have been clean and sober for 18 months.

  • Matthew, aged 50

    I was a leader in my industry but I was in denial about the fact my life was unmanageable due to alcohol. Initially, I just wanted to detox and lose weight, but thankfully The Kusnacht Practice identified the underlying issues that were triggering my addiction. It made me put recovery first and now my life is back on track, both professionally and within my family.

  • Carrie, aged 39

    I was an extremely successful business woman and dedicated my life to my career. I was so mentally and physically exhausted when I came to The Kusnacht Practice, I was a shell of my former self. I now know how to closely monitor how I’m feeling and react positively to stress.

  • Albert, aged 37

    Two years of individual treatment for my drug and sex addiction seems to have paid off. Tried to hire my chef when I left. Incredible place to stay and get clean!

  • Haya, aged 42

    I was suffering badly from my bipolar and personality disorder and it was the cause of my marriage break up; but I was offered unconditional love and support at The Kusnacht Practice. I had tried other centers, but it was the therapy and aftercare from The Kusnacht Practice that enabled me to recover from my bipolar disorder.

  • Tom, aged 36

    We simply have no words to show our gratitude and appreciation towards what you guys have done to not only him and his family, but also for every person employed and closely involved. Our future is simply available thanks to the efforts of The Kusnacht Practice! "Thank You" on behalf of the 30 plus families which were greatly affected from your help and great deed!

  • Urs, aged 45

    I suffered from psoriasis for years, but after being treated with the Bio-R programme, finally - my skin is healed! I have been free from complaints for more than half a year is a whole new way of life. I recommended your Bio-R programme to a colleague!

  • Eduardo Greghi
  • Eugenia Kozi
  • Marina Kharinskaya

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medical advice

Group Company

Double Check, our group company, takes care of all of our client’s and their family’s medical needs. From the initial medical examination and the resulting inpatient or outpatient treatment to managing any other general medical or cosmetic concerns they may have. Double Check offers medical interventions, full health check-ups, medical second opinions and a variety of specialised services. The best doctors and experts for a trusted medical advice.






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Executive rehab facility

As CEOs and Executives are under constant and special pressure, they also need a special high-end treatment in case of mental disorders, substance, drug or alcohol abuse. Our luxury rehabilitation centre offers a individual program for executive patients and unique options for a long-lasting recovery. The Kusnacht Practice is the most exclusive of all executive rehab facilities, assuring highest standards of privacy, treatments and luxury for leading professionals.  Learn more about our treatments >

Health Insurance Verification

How much is a private luxury rehab going to cost me? The cost to attend Kusnacht Practice varies for every client based upon their need, mental health status and the severity of their substance abuse. Private Insurance policies can cover a part of the rehabilitation cost. This can result in a lower out-of-pocket expense, while you receive the help you need to overcome your addiction. We offer a non committal counseling about the costs of our unique therapies and all possibilities of insurance refunding. Please contact us for more information.


The most exclusive of all luxury rehabs

The Swiss claim to luxury is always striving to the best – the swiss standards of excellence. That is why we are constantly innovating and improving our treatments and services for being the best rehab centre of the world. Treating addiction is a complex matter that needs a holistic approach and perfection for a lasting recovery. For our exclusive clients, we offer luxurious surroundings and amenities to achieve their goals. Our focus is the privacy of clients. Photos from the celebrity rehab centers in Malibu, showing Hollywood stars in the Boulevard press are well known. At the The Kusnacht Practice clients are treated under the cover of the well known Swiss confidence. We offer a variety of secret luxury residences – absolutely no paparazzi or indiscretion. This confidentiality distinguishes us from other rehab institutions.

Amenities & Complementary Treatment

  • Completely private and luxury residences
  • Executive Services, Concierge and Butler
  • Wellness, Massage, Acupuncture, Yoga & Detox


  • Exclusive Shuttle Service
  • Swiss standards of excellence
  • high-end rehabilitation center & hospitality