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Alice Pattinson

Live-in Counsellor

Alice Pattinson

Since 2018 Alice has been working as a Live-in Counsellor at The Kusnacht Practice. She is a Certified Recovery Companion and has completed courses in Mindfulness and Understanding Drugs and Addiction. Alice also has completed University courses in Fashion, Art and Education.

Alice has lived experience of the impact of psychiatric issues and substance use on the family. She knows the importance of creating a gentle and supportive atmosphere as a platform to allow growth and change for clients. She believes that the therapeutic alliance and bond are vital components in helping clients to achieve their goals.

She believes in a person-centred, humanistic approach to her work with clients. She brings compassion and hope to her work, and an underlying belief in the power of the individual to achieve their potential when the conditions are right. She enjoys being part of such an experienced and client-focused team.

Alice is a creative woman who enjoys painting and many artistic activities. She feels that art is a genuinely mindful activity that nourishes the soul- She loves to travel and enjoys working on her own personal and professional development.

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