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Anna Götz

Senior Operations Manager

Anna Götz

Anna Carina Götz is the Senior Operations Manager at The Kusnacht Practice. In her role, she evaluates the day-to-day business in both internal workflow and procedures as well as processes that evolve around clients. This to ensure constant quality improvement and highest client experience value.

Before coming to Switzerland, Anna studied International Business Management on three continents, including Örebro University in Sweden, Peking University in China and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration as well as additional business certificates including Management, Business Procedures & Processes and International Business Law. Having founded and run two companies, Anna has an entrepreneurial mindset, and her strength is to go from idea to reality.

Starting her journey in The Kusnacht Practice as Client Experience Planner, Anna became familiar with and worked closely with all departments in the company and has a good understanding for the company structure and what a client wants. Anna’s vision and passion are to ensure top quality treatment in the best possible atmosphere for all clients and their families.

Apart from her native Swedish, Anna speaks fluent English and German.

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