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David Lazarevic

Hospitality Clerk

David Lazarevic

David Lazarevic is a transportation clerk at The Kusnacht Practice. He is responsible for transporting guests to and from their flights, activities and any other outings during their time at an The Kusnacht Practice.

David has a degree in Applied Media after finishing his Bachelor’s degree at Mittweida University in German with a focus on sports, event and media management. After graduating, he entered the service sector and gained substantial customer care experience at Hackett London in Zurich.

David thrives in his role as transport clerk, which can be seen by how he makes the client’s well-being comfort and convenience his top priority. His experienced team, the professional environment and the challenges that each day presents him are just a few of the reasons he’s passionate about being part of the Kusnacht Practice’ team.

David speaks fluent English, German and Serbian.

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