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Dr. med. univ. László Ürögi

Senior Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Dr. med. univ. László Ürögi

Dr. med. univ. László Ürögi joined The Kusnacht Practice Medical Team as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy in September 2020.

Dr. Ürögi focuses on the very individual needs of each client at The Kusnacht Practice, respectfully treating their individual story and working closely to develop a common understanding of their problems and search for the best tailor-made coping strategies that are specifically effective to them. He’s described as caring, open, accepting and resource-orientated and takes great pride in seeing the improvement in a client’s life in such a relatively short amount of time.

Dr. Ürögi holds a doctorate in medicine from Semmelweis University in Budapest. He is experienced in family therapy and has been a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy since 2010. He also obtained a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Health Care Management in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology in 2018.

He gained his first work experience as an assistant doctor in psychiatry in his home country Hungary and moved to Switzerland in 2010. For more than 10 years, Dr. Ürögi has been working at Arud – Centre for Addiction Medicine in Zurich as a senior physician and addiction specialist in outpatient care and, as a result, holds a certificate of the Swiss Society of Addiction Medicine in this field.

Dr. Ürögi is passionate about understanding our clients’ therapy goals and helping them to reach their potential. He strives to enable people to live as self-determined as possible and find a physical, mental, and spiritual balance in life.

In addition to his mother tongue Hungarian, he speaks fluent German and English as well as some Spanish.




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