Alcohol treatment: a guide to what to expect before, during and after detox

28.03.2018 - Addiction, Articles

Ever wondered what happens during alcohol rehab? The prospect of alcohol treatment can be daunting, but for many people it’s a new beginning.

When people make contact with alcohol treatment centres, typically it’s due to consequences of their drinking. Alcohol may have caused harm to things that they hold dear, such as relationships, career or health.

If you are experiencing problems with alcohol, then residential alcohol treatment provides the best chance of successful recovery.

What are the symptoms of alcoholism?

Symptoms may vary, but can include:

  • Inability to stop after one or two drinks
  • Obsessing constantly about the next drink
  • Drinking secretly and/or dishonesty about how much is being drunk
  • Irritability or anxiety when unable to drink
  • Drinking more to achieve the same effect
  • Heavy intoxication and / or memory loss

According to the World Health Organization, alcohol causes over three million deaths a year and is a factor in over 200 diseases.

When is the right time for alcohol treatment?

Usually there is a prompt for entering treatment. It could be family pressure, health concerns, loss of career. It is different for everybody. Sometimes it could be a major crisis. Many alcoholics refer to hitting ‘rock bottom’ – a place where they feel their whole life has fallen apart and things feel like they cannot get any worse. This ‘rock bottom’ could be different for each alcoholic.

A sensible approach would be to address the problem as soon as you can accept it is a problem. You do not have to wait for the damage to pile up. For example, many individuals seek treatment for alcohol addiction, even though they may continue to function.  Others may be incapable of doing little more than drinking.

The most important step is acknowledging to yourself that you have an issue with alcohol, and accepting that you need a helping hand to address the issue.

What does alcohol detox involve?

Individuals who have been heavy or pro-longed drinkers, may be physically dependent on alcohol. If they suddenly stop drinking it can lead to dangerous withdrawal symptoms, which may even cause death.

These individuals may require short-term medication during alcohol detox, whilst the alcohol leaves the body. Only then is it possible to tackle the psychological addiction that is also associated with alcoholism.

For this reason, The Kusnacht Practice, a luxury treatment centre for addiction in Zurich, offers a comfortable detox in safe surroundings.

What happens after detox?

Dean Gustar, Head of Clinical Operations at The Kusnacht Practice, explained: “Getting sober is the start of journey towards a happy and fulfilled life. The underlying causes of alcoholism are likely to be linked to a combination of factors. These can include underlying psychological issues, and lifetime experiences such as trauma.”

Alcohol rehab at The Kusnacht Practice is highly tailored to each individual, and lasts several weeks or months, followed by aftercare. Rehab typically involves psychotherapy combined with other treatments such Bio-R (Biomolecular Restoration) to correct any biochemical imbalances.

Many people find their long-term recovery can also be greatly enhanced by support programmes such as The 12 Steps. This is a method used to examine past experiences and current behaviour.

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