Symptoms, causes and treatment of depression – interview with Prof. Dr. med. Wulf Rössler

01.08.2018 - Interviews, Mental health, Therapies, Videos

Depression is a common mental disorder which can affect people of all ages. Estimations performed as part of studies by the World Health Organization have found that over 320 million people worldwide are experiencing depression. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America claims that approximately 3% to 5% of the populace are struggling with major depression.

Symptoms of depression take many different forms:

lack of energy,
poor concentration,
unexplained aches and pains,
loss of sex drive,
weight loss (or gain),
bipolar disorder,
a general impression that life no longer feels worth living.

The symptoms of depression can linger for many months or even years on end, and the disorder may influence the manner in which a person thinks or acts.

Combinations of factors that are physical, biochemical, psychological or genetic can result in the development of depression. It can also be provoked by:

social factors,
negative life events such as:

physical or sexual abuse,
extreme stress.

Yet even when no clear trigger is immediately evident, depression can develop and persist for long periods of time as well. Thus, it is always crucial to seek professional help.

In the interview with Prof. Dr. med. Wulf Rössler, Member of the Board of Directors, you will learn what depression is, what its symptoms and causes are, what does its treatment look like and how long it can take.

Professor Dr. med. Wulf Rössler is an esteemed practitioner of psychiatry and psychology, responsible for managing the treatment of all clients at The Kusnacht Practice. An advisor on mental health programmes to national governments, his expertise was fundamental for the establishment of the National Mental Health Plan in Luxembourg. He has served as President and Vice-President of numerous professional organisations and is a member of the Board of the European Psychiatric Association.


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