Klenico gains the backing of The Kusnacht Practice

Joint press release from Klenico AG and The Kusnacht Practice

24.09.2020 - News

The Kusnacht Practice, a globally renowned treatment centre, has signed a contract with Klenico, and is using the innovative Klenico-System to treat its elite international clientele.

This marks the dawn of a new era for both Klenico and The Kusnacht Practice.

Klenico, a health tech start-up, is taking a major step towards internationalisation, with the Klenico-System now available for English-speaking customers and patients. Against this backdrop, Klenico has gained a renowned customer with an international focus.

The Klenico-System is used in various ways at the clinic. The digital survey enables any psychiatric issues to be clarified diagnostically in advance, in compliance with the guidelines, which, in turn, helps the clinic prepare for the patient’s stay and their treatment in the best possible way. Klenico is also adding value during the course of treatment, and in follow-up care, too. The Klenico symptom cards supplement communication between therapists and patients, with the Klenico system highlighting changes in a visual, understandable form during treatment.

‘The Kusnacht Practice is at the front of the pack in the digital sphere, too’

Prof. Dr. med. Wulf Rössler, Executive Medical Director and member of the Board of Directors at The Kusnacht Practice, anticipates that the collaboration with Klenico will propel the clinic forward in terms of medical technology: ‘Klenico is helping us to apply international best practices systematically, while boosting the quality of our diagnoses even further so we can give our patients top-class care. In addition, by using the Klenico system, we’re also showing that The Kusnacht Practice is at the front of the pack in the digital sphere, too.’

The Kusnacht Practice is a world-leader in treating mental illnesses, offering a unique blend of medical expertise and healthcare provision in a luxurious setting.

Klenico AG, headquartered in Zurich’s Technopark, is playing a significant role in digitising psychiatric diagnostics. The data-driven Klenico-System was granted approval as a medical device last autumn. Since then, it has already captured a substantial share of this highly attractive future-looking market. An array of renowned clinics, associations of doctors’ offices and specialists are already using the Klenico system on a daily basis with success, enabling them to reach more precise diagnoses and offer more targeted treatments. Recognised by health insurance providers, the Klenico system is also making healthcare much more efficient. Plus, thanks to its innovative method, it is accelerating scientific and medical progress in the fast-growing psychiatry market.