New Health and Immunity Booster Programme designed to fight COVID-19 is unveiled by leading clinic The Kusnacht Practice

04.01.2021 - Articles

The Kusnacht Practice has announced a new post-COVID-19 Health and Immunity Booster programme designed to prevent coronavirus reinfection.

The ground-breaking treatment by renowned experts in respiratory therapy strengthens the lungs and improves breathing using revolutionary new techniques. These work alongside a comprehensive Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R®) programme which, through cutting edge methods, restores health and energy on a cellular level. Clients receive a personally tailored micronutrient supplement which improves immunity, general health and vitality, while lowering stress levels.

We offer a wide range of Bio-R® packages that can be tailored to your requirements.








Residential (2 weeks)


The residential programme in a private villa on the shores of Lake Zurich

is masterminded by the clinic’s Bio-R® team and is a holistic, unique and completely personalised diet, lifestyle and health plan which reduces further vulnerability to the virus. Physical strengthening through personal training and cardio work, coupled with complementary therapies such as yoga, body balancing, reflexology, acupuncture, massage and mindfulness are also employed as part of the 360-degree body and mind restoration.

During the treatment at the Swiss clinic -a global leader in the treatment of complex disorders- clients receive:

  • A comprehensive medical examination and assessment with extensive focus on the heart and cardiovascular system, lungs, metabolism and further vital body functions.
  • Daily sessions with experts in respiratory therapy using the latest techniques in breathing exercises plus regular meetings with the practice’s top lung specialists.
  • A Bio-R® diet and tailored micronutrient programme to strengthen the immune system and general wellbeing, maintaining a healthy respiratory tract, crucial to prevent potential infection of COVID-19 or any other virus.
  • Tailored personal training supporting physical strengthening and allowing better breathing alongside an outdoor, adapted light cardio training plan, complementing respiratory therapies.

As part of the programme, in-depth, state-of-the-art tests will also be undertaken to check cholesterol and fat metabolism, body composition, signs of diabetes, micronutrient and vitamin status, thyroid health, iron deficiency, lung function, sleep patterns, blood pressure measurements, abdomen and kidney health through ultrasound, urine and prostate through screening, metabolic stress levels and detect early stage signs of reduced vitality, exhaustion and reduced regeneration.

The treatment employs methods to re-energise and rejuvenate on a cellular level through Intermittent Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT), a cutting-edge programme to boost and regenerate cells, slowing ageing processes such as reduced muscle strength, lower mental capacities and a weak immune system. IHHT received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2019.

Additionally, a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Test provides valuable insight into the the body’s regulation and health. Spiroergometric testing provides in-depth analysis of the effects of physical activity on metabolic rates to heighten fat-burning techniques and ensure maximum health benefits. Diet and weight management are features of the programme too with clients assigned their own Bio-R® Chef who will prepare a unique and personalised Bio-R® food plan, to help boost the immune system.