The Kusnacht Practice Podcast #002: Interview with Dr. phil. David Eldred on how to manage anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

03.07.2020 - Podcasts

Anxiety is the feeling of worry or fear, it can be mild or severe it is a natural and necessary feeling in certain life situations”– The Kusnacht Practice’s resident psychotherapist, Dr. phil. David Eldred.

With restrictions being lifted all over the world, many people are now showing signs of anxiety toward ‘the new normal’. While fear of the unknown is commonplace, COVID-19 is causing anxiety in people who have never shown signs of anxiety before. 

In our latest podcast, host and psychologist Melissa Nobile speaks with Dr. phil. David Eldred about dealing with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. phil. Eldred spoke in great detail about common forms of anxiety that many people are displaying as a result of the current situation and put forward his best suggestions for managing these symptoms.