Trauma: Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Wulf Rössler

27.03.2018 - Interviews, Mental health, Videos

The National Trauma Institute study shows that people who have experienced trauma are 4 times as likely to develop an addiction to alcohol and 3 times as likely to experience depression.

Trauma can be divided into “big T ” trauma (such as physical, sexual or experiential), or “small T” trauma, which is typically related to experiences during child development.

These are generally not connected to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and instead their effects can be nearly educational in practice. However, they may negatively influence a person’s life over the course of many years and may lead to lacking self-esteem and coping skills, which is harmful to overall health and well-being.

Watch the interview about trauma with Prof. Dr. med. Wulf Rössler.

Professor Dr. med. Wulf Rössler is an acclaimed practitioner of psychiatry and psychology in charge of treatment supervision for all clients at The Kusnacht Practice.

His prowess has led to significant academic achievements during his work as Professor of Clinical and Social Psychiatry, Head of the General and Social Psychiatry Department and long-standing Chairman of the Board of Medical Directors at the Burghölzli Psychiatric University Hospital, Senior Professor and Head of the Competence Centre for Health at the University of Lüneburg, Professor of Post-Graduation at the Medical Faculty of Sao Paulo University and a Fellow of the Collegium Helveticum, a joint research institute between the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH).

Presently he is part of the editorial board for a number of scientific journals as well as the Chief Editor of Frontiers in Public Mental Health.

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