What is burnout? – Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Wulf Rössler, Member of the Board of Directors

29.06.2018 - Interviews, Mental health, Therapies, Videos

Burnout is an anxiety disorder that may involve long-term exhaustion and a diminished interest in everyday life.

Professor Dr. med. Wulf Rössler is a distinguished practitioner of psychiatry and psychology. He also serves as an advisor on mental health programmes to national governments and has been instrumental in the realisation of the National Mental Health Plan in Luxemburg. He has acted as President and Vice-President of many professional organisations, and currently holds a seat on the Board of the European Psychiatric Association.

Prof. Dr. med. Wulf Rössler is also the author of numerous, highly-acclaimed publications on a wide range of mental health issues, including 550 articles, 350 entries in PubMed and several textbooks discussing issues related to Emergency Psychiatry, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Art Therapy, Social Psychiatry and the prevention of mental disorders.

According to studies, over 0.5 million people in Great Britain are suffering from work-related stress. Burnout can be experienced in any situation.

In this interview, Prof. Dr. med. Wulf Rössler will explain what burnout is, what are its symptoms and how it can be treated.

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