Team Our international team comprises hand-picked professionals whose expertise, experience, dedication and discretion are guaranteed to satisfy clients with the very highest expectations. Both collectively and individually, our team ensures that every aspect of our client’s stay at The Kusnacht Practice is delivered to the highest possible standards of Swiss excellence.


Our world-beating international team is truly unrivalled. It comprises hand-picked professionals whose expertise, experience, dedication, resilience and discretion are guaranteed to satisfy clients with the very highest of standards and expectations. It is our exceptional staff who will collectively provide you with the holistic 360 degree experience on which we pride ourselves. As one and individually, our innovative team ensures that every aspect of a client’s stay at The Kusnacht Practice is delivered to the highest possible levels of Swiss Medical Excellence.

This is the first point of contact for most of our clients. Blessed with great knowledge, empathy, patience and discretion, the pre-admission team will listen to your concerns and arrange next steps. They will seamlessly organise your stay with us and introduce you to the professionals whose knowledge and expertise will help to heal you.

The Client Experience Managers team is making sure that the planning of your treatment is running smoothly and will help you reach your goals

The Continuing Care team is highly skilled and will help you prepare for a successful return from the very beginning of your programme. The return to home plan is as individualised as the treatment programme, taking into account all your life’s components.

Our team of counsellors are among the most respected on the planet. Their combined experience and knowledge is unfathomable. Whatever your problem might be, they will have dealt with something similar in the past. This means that they will know exactly how to support you and listen with great kindness, sympathy and discretion.

Our exceptional line-up of complementary therapists deliver supporting treatments to improve your wellbeing. We can provide everything you need with no detail overlooked, This might include massage, mindfulness, acupuncture, personal training, art and music therapy alongside a plethora of outdoor activities. Their work is vital to underpin the treatment plan and will give you great pleasure, stimulation and relaxation during your stay, a crucial component to help restore mind, body and energy.

These are the stalwarts who collectively oil the wheels of the machine, ensuring that everything runs smoothly for you during your treatment here. Under the leadership of our CEO Eduardo Greghi, the team spot new trends and bring high-level professionals, new technologies, luxury and innovations to The Kusnacht Practice. Collectively, they have brought together the best clinicians to care for people holistically and have striven to create something that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the planet, overseeing the eco-system that will ultimately help restore your wellbeing.

The Kusnacht Practice hospitality experience is second-to-none and that is said with no doubt whatsoever. Our exceptional team of trained hoteliers make sure you experience unparalleled luxury in sumptuous surroundings, appointed to your finest desires. You will be witness to a new dimension of hospitality, where our ultra-luxurious villas are turned into personalised boutique hotels, with five-star services tailored around your individual preferences. Our discreet hospitality geniuses never miss a detail and you will be attended to by a thoughtful, knowledgable and polite attentive team of chefs, drivers, butlers and housekeepers. Unusual food requests, shoe-cleaning, tailoring, repairs, technical matters and details like decor and flowers? Our superb and unrivalled staff have got it for you.

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