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Geraldine Matthews


Geraldine Matthews

Geraldine Matthews has been Chief Operating Officer at The Kusnacht Practice since December 2018. She started as a clinical operations manager in January 2017 and successfully managed client needs and increased satisfaction during her time in that role.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Geraldine has been a manager in healthcare organisations since 2001.

Her career began in 1997 when she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and quickly developed a passion for management and leading teams. Her main focus was on client satisfaction and safety in all her different roles. Recruitment and retention have also been a large part of her work in creating high functioning and diverse teams. Process and change management is crucial in care environments and having a green belt in the LEAN concept of continuous quality improvement, as well as obtaining a Master’s in management, have helped Geraldine establish herself as the master of her domain.

Geraldine’s caring nature, coupled with her knowledge of the client disease process, has kept the client at the centre of her work throughout her career.  Among other topics, Geraldine has always appreciated the ethnic diversity of her clients and managing generational differences in her teams. Geraldine is fluent in English and French, as well as basic Greek and German.

Geraldine’s main goals in her current role are improving client experience, developing strategy and scaling the company to offer the highest quality service.


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