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Clinical excellence in luxurious surroundings

— Addiction, Psychiatry and Bio-R

The Kusnacht Practice has an unrivalled reputation as the world’s most exclusive treatment centre, offering high quality health care to private individuals in luxurious surroundings.
We prefer to treat one client at time, rather than in therapy groups, as this enables us to tailor a unique care plan to the personal requirements of each individual. Clients stay at our exclusive luxury residences, each of which is attended to by a private butler who provides Swiss 5-star levels of service. This allows us to discreetly deliver the very best health care in total privacy.

Treating the underlying problems

The clinical team at The Kusnacht Practice has a rich heritage of developing innovative methods of looking beyond surface issues in order to identify the true underlying causes of psychological disorders.

Very often the immediate problems that confront a client – such as addiction to drugs or alcohol – can actually be symptoms that are caused by a much deeper compulsion to escape from emotional stress or other factors. 

We find that these forms of compulsive behaviour are usually associated with biochemical and neurochemical imbalances. These can dictate not only the manner in which a person functions, but also the way that they feel on an emotional and spiritual level. 

Whilst we recognise that medication can play an important role to play in recovery, we prefer to use it as a last resort, as in many cases we consider it is only effective for the short-term relief of symptoms.

Instead, we use a wide range of scientific and clinical procedures along with measures such as The 12 Steps and complementary treatments, to bring about a spiritual shift that facilitates recovery. 

Our combined treatment programmes ensure that, during their residential stay, clients are freed from their destructive patterns and with balance restored to their biochemistry, neurochemistry and self-perception.

Our highly effective approach to treatment was pioneered by our founder Lowell Monkhouse, the widely-respected Canadian addiction counseller. Through years of research and observation, he discovered that only by combining our different pillars of treatment is it possible to achieve the best outcomes.

Caring for clients and loved ones

Many people who seek treatment at The Kusnacht Practice may be experiencing emotional pain or may have suffered trauma, which can also be very distressing for family and friends.

We offer a medical concierge facility to address any needs that may arise due to the involvement of loved ones, and all clients are assured security of data in line with Swiss data protection standards.

We have diverse alumni community from many different countries, including countless clients who have already visited us and are now free from the addictions and other disorders that had previously crippled their lives. 

Their new lifestyle invariably requires permanent abstinence from any destructive behaviour that may have previously contributed harm to clients or their families.

The history of The Kusnacht Practice

We were founded in 2007, when Lowell Monkhouse saw a need for a new type of treatment centre after saving a friend who would otherwise have died from alcoholism. In 2015, the practice was acquired by Swiss Medical Partners, a family owned equity fund represented by Wojciech Szczepaniak, who, as CEO of The Kusnacht Practice is determined to ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of medical innovation.


Our mission:

- Sobriety and abstinence

The ultimate goal at The Kusnacht Practice is to save lives by helping clients to achieve a lasting recovery, free from the destructive effects of addiction and other damaging psychological disorders. This usually involves permanent abstinence from negative behaviour in order to lead a contented lifestyle that is clean and sober.

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