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— Smoking causes 6 million deaths a year

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Nicotine addiction

the nature of dependency

Many people find it almost impossible to stop smoking without seeking professional medical assistance. This is due to the fact that the nicotine in tobacco is a highly addictive substance, which can lead to physical and psychological dependency.

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Treatment for nicotine addiction

Each client receives a tailored treatment plan in order to identify the underlying causes of nicotine addiction. Our clinical team use evidence-based procedures to treat clients individually (one at time, never in groups) in luxurious surroundings..

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Therapy methods

our unique approach

We use psychotherapy delivered by doctors and psychiatrists, along with Biomolecular Restoration. This can be particularly effective if used alongside complementary treatments.

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Stella, 60

“When I was a heavy smoker, there were always lots of triggers that led to me to light up at home or at work … I was using cigarettes as an emotional crutch to prop me up.”

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