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Personalised Family Treatment PROGRAMME IN SWITZERLAND

The Kusnacht Practice Personalised Family Treatment Programme is where loved ones can come together and experience Swiss Medical Excellence to improve their health and wellbeing collectively. The plan has been specially designed to welcome you and your precious relatives to share the same or different medical treatments, depending on each particular objective.

Together in the comfort of your own luxurious private villa, your whole family can enjoy every aspect of The Kusnacht Practice’s services to check, analyse and treat medical challenges of any kind - and all residing together under one roof. From achieving sustainable weight loss, reinforcing immune defences and orchestrating interventions, we have all the expertise to make a complete assessment and design and seamlessly implement the right strategy for a family.

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Each treatment is bespoke, with the utmost level of attention, planned just for you in up to eight personalised sessions per day. The benefits to your health, regaining mind, energy and body balance can be visible after the first week. All treatments are built around the needs of the individual and of the family or group. If one member of the family or group is more in need of help than the others, they can support and receive education around the issues and also benefit to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Families can take advantage of a wide range of services, often including a BIO-R® weight loss treatment and sessions to support coping strategies, resilience and dealing with stress. Family members and loved ones are some of the most important experts who understand an individual’s challenges and potential coping mechanisms and strategies. For long-term success, it is also important to implement and embed changes into the family or group system that can help achieve positive results.

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With two large luxury villas in Zurich and Geneva, The Kusnacht Practice has built a safe, caring, protected, secure and absolutely private environment, which helps to knit families and groups together, fostering recovery. But also with an important emphasis on fun for the family and the group, with communal experiences arranged, discovering new activities, and visits to museums and areas of cultural and historical significance. New hobbies and interests are also encouraged - with cookery, pottery and sewing classes available for all, with many clients taking up pastimes they have always wanted to but never quite managed.

Clients and their families and friends usually complete a tailored and completely personalised 360 degree holistic treatment after an average of 6-8 weeks stay. Our results speak for themselves with many reporting that their families and friendship groups have become more tightly connected, harmonious, loving and empathetic than ever before.

The program is about absolute, dedicated attention and precision, honesty and transparency in a warm and empathetic environment.

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“Our family is tighter and healthier than ever. We all had different needs and several problems and concerns within the unit. But these have been addressed and harmony restored. I would recommend this to any family. The Kusnacht Practice has transformed our lives."

Patsy, 51

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