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Demandes de traitement

Téléphone +41 43 499 60 50
Courriel  [email protected]

Renseignements généraux

Téléphone +41 43 541 11 52
Courriel [email protected]


The Kusnacht Practice AG
8702 Zurich-Zollikon

Demandes de traitement: +41 43 499 60 50
Renseignements généraux: +41 43 541 11 52
Fax: +41 43 541 11 53
Courriel: [email protected]

The Kusnacht Practice is open and fully operational.

We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 developments and follow the strict guidelines advised by the Swiss Health Authorities.

We are resolutely focused on two aspects: protecting our clients and employees.

All properties in our portfolio are regularly disinfected and deep-cleansed, along with our vehicle fleet.

All clients and staff are tested and monitored for symptoms.

The safety of our clients is further aided through their individualised programme, each treated privately in their own clinical residence.

We have immediate access to the leading doctors and hospitals within the region. Our use of technology is enabling seamless communications and business operations.

Our environment is entirely safe and The Kusnacht Practice team continues to provide treatment and services of the highest standard.