How do I know if I need help from The Kusnacht Practice?

If you are concerned that you, or someone that you care about, may be suffering from an addiction or other harmful behaviour disorder, please see our range of self-assessment tests to see whether your/their behaviour exhibits some of the signs of a particular psychological disorder. If you are concerned for someone else, you should also consider whether their disorder may have led to you developing your own problems with codependency. However, please be aware that our self-assessment tests are to be used merely as guidelines and they are not intended to provide a sure-fire method of diagnosis, nor can negative answers to the questions in these tests provide absolute assurance that a problem does not exist.

Even in the event that the results of our self-assessment tests do not indicate that you, or someone you care about, is suffering from a particular disorder, the mere fact that you are concerned enough to be reading our website indicates that a problem may very well exist. Our mission to deliver an entirely individual approach for each client means that we are always willing to discuss whether, and how, we may help in your particular case. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please provide us with your details on our contact page and we will be in touch with you shortly.

How do I convince someone that I care about to visit The Kusnacht Practice for therapy?

An important first step in the road to full recovery is that clients themselves must want to be free from the addiction or harmful behaviour which they are experiencing. Unlike some treatment centres, The Kusnacht Practice does not attempt to rehabilitate clients against their will.

However, we recognise the difficulties that can be associated with convincing a loved one that they have a problem. We also emphasise the importance of involving a client’s family and friends in the process, to educate those affected by their loved-one’s behaviour and to allow them to understand the disorder and break the cycle of suffering.

For this reason, we help facilitate interventions anywhere in the world to help you approach a loved one about their behaviour and to start dealing with their behaviour before it completely destroys their lives and the lives of others around them. Please contact us for further details.

What is different about The Kusnacht Practice’s approach to treatment?

The Kusnacht Practice’s approach to treatment is different because we treat one client at a time, very privately, in 5-star luxury surroundings. Our client-centred focus also differs from most treatment centres because it deals with the underlying causes of each client’s disorder, such as depression, anxiety or trauma, and not merely the disorder’s symptoms. This enables clients to avoid relapsing when they leave the clinical environment and return home. Our excellent Continuing Care Programme also supports this aim, by assisting clients to reintegrate with their home and work environments, which may have contained triggers that previously encouraged them to relapse.

Our treatment programmes are also unique, unlike the “one size fits all” approach adopted at many treatment centres. Prior to custom-designing a unique treatment plan for each individual client, we perform a full medical examination, involving comprehensive biochemical and neurochemical testing, which includes a genetic swab and the sampling of blood, urine, saliva and hair. We also perform several other assessments, including psychiatric, social-chemical and nutrition-and-lifestyle. This enables us to identify the root causes of the client’s disorder, which can stem from a complex interaction of physical, psychological, biochemical, genetic and social factors. We then implement a treatment programme which is specifically designed to target the client’s particular problems and we offer all all-encompassing recovery programme which treats the entire person: body, mind and spirit.

Unlike many treatment centres, we avoid the use of prescription medication whenever possible. Instead, we implement a full Biomolecular Restoration programme and other forms of therapy which allow our clients to remain drug-free throughout their treatment. By avoiding the use of medication, and the inevitable side-effects, and by creating an absolutely personalised mix of organic micronutrients and amino acids, we restore healthy brain functioning and ensure that each client avoids the chemical imbalances, fatigue, stress and anxiety which can otherwise hinder a treatment programme.

How long can I expect my treatment at The Kusnacht Practice to last?

Since each client’s treatment plan is unique, the length of a client’s primary treatment and Continuing Care Programme is also a purely individual matter. However, depending upon the particular client’s disorder and the underlying causes thereof (including the existence and extent of any chemical dependencies), a useful rule of thumb is to anticipate that a client will be admitted for a medical examination by our team of international experts for between one to seven days. Following this, the length of primary treatment normally lasts from between six to twelve weeks, during which time the client will be staying in one of our luxury 5-star residences. Following the completion of the client’s primary treatment programme, we strongly advise that clients continue to receive our support and assistance by utilising our excellent Continuing Care Programme, which can last from anywhere between a few days to two years, depending upon the client’s particular situation.

Who will be responsible for my treatment at the treatment centre?

All of our treatment programmes are implemented by our international team, comprising hand-picked professionals whose expertise, experience, dedication and discretion are guaranteed to satisfy clients with the very highest expectations. Both collectively and individually, our team ensures that every aspect of our client’s stay at The Kusnacht Practice is delivered to the highest possible standards of Swiss excellence. Our clinical team of doctors, psychotherapists, counsellors and nutritionists includes world-renowned medical practitioners with unparalleled expertise in treating psychological disorders. Our complementary therapy team includes yoga instructors, acupuncturists, reflexologists, masseurs and personal trainers. The vast range of complementary and holistic treatment therapies in which they specialise fully support the clinical aspects of our client’s integrative treatment programme. Meanwhile, every aspect of the client’s stay at The Kusnacht Practice is attended to by our discreet and professional team of personal butlers, gourmet chefs, maids and drivers, each of whom is dedicated to ensuring that our client’s expectations are fulfilled and exceeded during their stay in one of our luxury 5-star residences.

What will my treatment programme look like?

No two clients are exactly the same, and neither are the specific underlying causes of their disorders. This means that each client’s treatment plan is unique and the precise elements of their individual treatment plan cannot be described in the abstract. In fact, the only ever-present aspect of our work with each client is our focus on the intensely personal details of each client’s particular disorder. Following the completion of a client’s medical examination, during which our international team identifies the root causes of the client’s disorder (which can result from a complex interaction of physical, psychological, biochemical, genetic and social factors), we are able to assess the precise elements that need to be included in their entirely personalised treatment programme. However, our considerable experience in having successfully treated numerous clients allows us to offer an initial assessment and estimate of a client’s likely treatment programme (which remains subject to confirmation/modifications once their medical examination is completed) once we are aware of the client’s specific situation. In order to discuss this, please contact us.

Will it be possible for my existing doctor/therapist/counsellor to offer suggestions as to what my treatment programme should include (or has included in the past)?

Yes. We recognise that some clients have previously built-up a relationship of trust with other medical professionals and we regularly receive client referrals from a variety of such professionals. We welcome their knowledge and input as regards the client’s previous experiences and treatment.

Will anyone know that I have received treatment at The Kusnacht Practice?

No. Privacy and anonymity are amongst our most fundamental priorities. We treat clients individually, so no possibility exists for one client to meet another client during their stay at the treatment centre. Every single member of our team has been hand-picked for their discretion and their proven experience in dealing with high-profile clients. Equally, we are experienced in dealing with anonymised client details and liaising with a client’s medical, legal or other representatives. Put simply, the only way in which anyone would ever discover that a client had visited our treatment centre is in the event that the client themselves chooses to disclose this information.

What happens when my treatment at The Kusnacht Practice ends?

One of the key elements in achieving a lasting recovery is for clients to continue to apply the healthy coping mechanisms and other lifestyle changes which they acquire during their primary treatment at the treatment centre. For this reason, continuing care is crucial to long-term recovery. To address this need, we offer one of the best Continuing Care Programmes in the world, which can include a mentor or counsellor returning home with the client to support their re-engagement with their home, family, work, school and friends. Just as importantly, the psychotherapist helps the client to adapt their lifestyle to their recovery programme. Other elements of the programme can include daily telephone/Skype calls for the first critical period of time and return visits to the Kusnacht Practice (or home visits by a member of our clinical team), for the required period following the client’s departure from the treatment centre.

Where will I stay during my treatment?

Each of our clients stays in their choice of our luxury 5-star residencies, each of which are located near Lake Zurich and Lake Geneva and are stylishly decorated and equipped with modern designer furnishings. They offer absolute privacy, magnificent views, easy access to the Alps and a truly relaxing environment. Clients will be looked after by a personal butler (who is also a trained gourmet chef), maid and driver by arrangement, each of whom is dedicated to ensuring that our clients feel absolutely at home during their stay at the treatment centre.

How much will the treatment cost me?

Unlike most rehabilitation clinics, we are happy to publish the all-inclusive costs of our services. The treatment investment starts at CHF 109’000 per week. This covers all programme costs excluding: transportation to/from the client’s home to Zurich; medical issues unrelated to the treatment programme; Continuing Care. Rates vary depending on the specialists involved, the length and frequency of the treatment and when/where the treatment is provided. Our treatment costs do not include optional additional services, such as our exclusive air ambulance facilities, and also exclude any medical costs which are unrelated to a client’s treatment, such as medical treatment for heart or liver disease. If you would like to discuss the likely costs in your individual situation and/or request a costs estimate, please contact us.

The Kusnacht Practice services are not covered by Swiss health insurances. All costs are to be covered by the clients directly. Patients who are domiciled in Switzerland and are therefore mandatorily health insured may be reimbursed by their health insurance for medical services in accordance with the Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG) and its implementing provisions.

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