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LUXURY RESIDENTIAL Psychiatric/ Psychotherapeutic Care IN SWITZERLAND

The Kusnacht Practice’s renowned psychiatric and psychotherapeutic team can put you back onto the path
towards mental serenity - transforming your life and relationships through our unique and holistic approach.
Our deep and empathetic 360 degree ethos is front and centre of everything we do, with our unrivalled team
of in-house cross-discipline professionals at your side, personifying Swiss Medical Excellence at all times.

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Our psychiatric arm fosters personal growth in an
individualised setting. Psychological challenges
afect us as humans because we are bio-psychosocial entities.
After a thorough medical check for any underlying
issues that may be relevant, one of the first tasks is
really getting to know you, learning what makes you
tick and how you occupy your life.
For example, we will want to explore whether music
and art are important to you, what you read, how
you relax or whether you find that challenging, the
relationship you have with your family and what
treatments or therapies may have worked for you in
the past.

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Our team of doctors specialise in the field of
psychiatry and psychotherapy and are, of course, all
fully licensed by the Swiss medical authorities. Every
therapist is selected through a rigorous process
conducted by the senior team who have built up
the practice over the past 15 years. Our highly-
experienced, empathetic professionals not only
represent the best of Swiss Medical Excellence but
also embody warmth and sensitivity. We handpick
our people with intricate attention to detail - we
search deep for that sensibility, tact and diplomacy
and an engaging personality. These qualities are
essential in building a relationship with the patient
and help construct a true picture of the individual in
order to nurture recovery.

That deep dive into your character and experiences
will mean you will feel understood and can relate to,
and feel at ease with, your personal therapist,
whatever struggles you may have.

We guide patients from the first medical assessment
through to their residential stay in Switzerland,
being at hand at all times with reassurance,
professionalism and discretion. At the given
treatment points, and aligned with the treatment
goals, we may include loved ones and family
members in treatment if the patients wish us to do

But there is no pressure whatsoever - in fact, our
aim is to remove any such pressure from one’s life as
those steps are taken to get better.

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The wider team will also be constantly planning the
Continuous Care Programme for ongoing
rehabilitation in the time following a residential stay
at our luxurious treatment centre on the calming
shores of Lake Zurich. This is a crucial part of the
patient’s recovery and essential to achieving lasting

We support our patients where they themselves
have failed in eforts to succeed with their life
challenges. Our doctors treat the whole spectrum of
psychological disorders in order to facilitate mental

The Kusnacht Practice is a process-orientated
medical centre that highly values internal and
external experts to be involved in supporting the
individual growth for the best outcome for the
patients, with the right amount of medical care
provided through the diferent treatment stages.
And, rest assured, we are always open to
collaborate with other leading professionals and
organisations if we feel prudent and all of whom will
naturally represent the highest of standards.

We ofer evidence-based psychotherapeutic
experiences in the modalities of Cognitive
Behavioural, Systemic and Analytical approaches.

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During CBT, individuals are encouraged to identify
any patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions that
reinforce negativity in their life. Depression and
anxiety problems very commonly co-exist with
substance misuse and, in such cases, a cognitive
approach can be particularly valuable. This can
also be efectively used to help treat eating

Such therapy recognises that negative thoughts
and emotions can result in an individual becoming
trapped in a destructive cycle. This situation can
feel quite overwhelming, but CBT aims to conquer
this by examining the various elements of a problem
in manageable parts, in order to facilitate change
and lead to greater wellbeing.

Other therapies like Somatic Experience and
Mindfulness techniques are also applied when
appropriate, alongside Eye Movement
Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy,
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Prolonged
Exposure approaches too.

These are all powerful tools which can be employed
and combined to ensure a meaningful and
sustainable recovery.

In collaboration with the other departments at our
practice, such as BIO-R and Medical Care, we can
put together a well-balanced treatment plan, if
necessary, which supports the patient to fulfil the
treatment goals.

Every patient is unique and their recovery plan will
reflect this - it will be truly personalised and
assembled through a joined-up approach in
consultation with the individual.

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At The Kusnacht Practice, we are constantly
updating and learning, embracing innovation and
introducing cutting edge technologies in our
continuous quest to heal.

This work sits alongside our pre-eminent hospitality
ofering, where no detail is overlooked. Our brilliant
hospitality teams make sure that the expectations
of our patients are met - so that they can fully focus
on their medical treatment.

Our team want to transform a client’s life, empower
them and bring positivity, calmness, and wellbeing
to their day-to-day existence. That is the magical
outcome of a process-orientated team approach
that applies evidence-based medicine.

It’s our knowledge and expertise that gives us a great sense of satisfaction and pride here at The Kusnacht