The Kusnacht Practice Logo


Company Information

Name of Company:

The Kusnacht Practice AG

Registered by:

The Canton of Zurich, Switzerland


As an ambulatory service, The Kusnacht Practice complies with and is licensed under the regulations of the Swiss Health Authorities

Responsible Medical Manager:

Dr. med. Konrad Hitz

Responsible Operations Manager:

Eduardo Greghi

Company type:

Limited Liability Company (AG) under Swiss law

Company registration number:


Company's registered address:

Himmelistrasse 3
8700 Küsnacht

Office address:

Zollikerstrasse 60
8702 Zurich-Zollikon

Telephone/fax contact:

+41 43 541 11 52 (office)
+41 43 541 11 53 (fax)

Purposes of company:

To provide:

  • Treatment services and education on addictions including drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, codependency and eating disorders
  • Psycho-therapeutic services for depression, anxiety, and trauma and abuse
  • Performance enhancement.


The Kusnacht Practice’s use of technology continues to enable the team’s seamless communication and we are supporting our clients via digital platforms in light of the temporary international travel restrictions. Our Medical Director is conducting initial patient assessments accordingly and we have a waiting list in preparation for the moment that travel restrictions are lifted in order to expedite admissions. For treatment enquiries please contact: +41 43 499 6050 / [email protected]