Instant immunity booster and prevention


Instant Immunity Booster & Prevention TREATMENT IN SWITZERLAND

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that viral infections are more present than ever and that we will continue to be confronted with this issue. A strong immune system is the basis for non-contagion or a milder course of any disease. With our hallmark Swiss Medical Excellence, The Kusnacht Practice and BIO-R® expert professionals have put together a special residential treatment for this challenge.

There are many factors involved in protecting an individual from viral infection. These include a successful application of hygiene guidelines, the control of disposing conditions and the strengthening of the immune system.

Advice to apply hygiene guidelines

Our renowned clinicians provide individual medical advice for concrete and successful application of hygiene guidelines in your life and in your personal and professional environment.

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Underlying disorders that might put you at risk

We check for underlying medical disorders that might increase your risk of infection with a virus or to have a bad outcome if the disease strikes. These include lung and cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, overweight, metabolic disorders and more.

Metabolic stress analysis

Metabolic stress causes inflammation in the body which weakens the immune system. Disorders of glucose metabolism, especially in clients with a diabetic predisposition, create a higher risk of infection. Those affected by it can particularly benefit from the Instant Immunity Booster And Prevention Programme.

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Sleep analysis & improvement

Sleep has a major impact on the defence against pathogenic organisms. In fact, sleep has been recommended by doctors for good health and disease control since ancient times. The body regenerates and repairs damage during the night, therefore the length and, even more so, the quality of sleep is important.

Vitamins & supplementation

Our treatment contains specific tools to measure and improve the quality of your sleep while also focusing on the strengthening of the immune system by specifically tailoring micronutrient supplements. We assess and test your personal needs with precision through an in-depth blood analysis. Supplements offered in the treatment contain B-vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, amino- and fatty acids among others in form of a tailored infusion and a personalised micronutrient formula. The specific galenic formulation can then have a long-term effect.

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Weight management

The treatment supports successful weight management therefore increasing overall vitality and fitness.

Diet & microbiome

Diet has an important impact on the immune system because immune cells are mostly located in the gastrointestinal tract – in which our intestinal flora (microbiome) is dependent on our diet and stress management.

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Physical exercise and complementary therapies

You will work with your personal trainer daily and slowly approach your personal best. With our hallmark 360 degree approach, you will also benefit from complementary therapies like massages, body balancing or yoga classes.

Your personal setting

You will be staying in one of our luxurious villas, offering all the services you may expect, including your designated BIO-R® trained nutrition chef, preparing your meals according to your designated meal plan.

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“I feel much more confident having spent time at The Kusnacht Practice and less nervous about being in public areas and exposing myself to germs. It has put a spring in my step and has been valuable and very reassuring.”

Maria, 42

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