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The pressures on business leaders and titans of industry have never been greater. Your health is the greatest asset you and your empire possess - so it is vital to protect and preserve your physical and mental wellbeing. Our luxury residential leader retreat on the banks of Lake Zurich is a perfect way to monitor your health, improve your strength and resilience and to avoid burnout.

If you’re an industry giant with huge financial and personal responsibilities, then you will know that your performance is always enhanced by how good you feel.

You need stamina and staying power to lead, be at the top of your game and keep up with your competitors and making your business more resilient.

It is vital to guard your health and your wealth fiercely and to prevent problems before they hit you and your business where it hurts.

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This is why our residential leader retreat has been designed. Consider it an early warning system where Swiss Medical Excellence will identify and predict possible health problems before they hinder you - such as burnout, depression and problems with resilience and energy. This will help preserve your longevity as a business leader and give you, your loved ones and workforce the security and peace of mind they need.

Our all-encompassing, nurturing and empathetic approach employs a holistic, 360 degree plan unique to you. We will organise everything and with no detail overlooked. Rest assured, you will be safe here in a kind and empathetic environment where discretion and privacy are key values.

Each treatment is completely personalised, with the utmost level of attention, with 6-8 one-on-one sessions per day, more than many others conduct during one month of treatment.

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If essential, we can incorporate some working time into your day and are able provide office facilities in your villa.

We will rebalance your body, mind and energy - in the sumptuous surroundings of our luxury villas. And you will learn coping strategies and tools to help you manage stresses better if they return.

Our renowned team of expert professionals will work to detect and prevent risks to health before the damage is done.

Joining us at The Kusnacht Practice could be your best investment yet.

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“The stresses of being an industry leader with huge responsibilities can take its toll. But after my stay at The Kusnacht Practice retreat I feel as if my entire body has been taken apart, polished and reassembled. I feel stronger, more resilient and powerful than ever before.”

Gordon, 57