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The Kusnacht Practice’s Medical Care Team will cater to your every health need, however great or seemingly small.

Our holistic and 360-degree approach runs through everything we do and our team of in-house doctors will be at your side at all times working with the newest innovative medical technologies.

With our in-depth diagnostics, you will learn all essentials about the condition of your body and your organs. We investigate any current medical problem and screen for risks to avoid future diseases. We aim to fix your health and help lead you on the path to a healthier and happier life - through Swiss Medical Excellence.

You will receive comprehensive medical care from your expert personal doctor and we will accompany you during any further procedures that may be necessary in cooperation with the leading Swiss clinics.

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The first step for any client in our medical care is a full physical examination by your personal doctor. An in-depth investigation of your body can yield vital clues and insights into your health. We listen to you intently and, in collaboration with further experts, we can help address any difficulties you might have.

Genetic testing, multiple samples and extensive laboratory tests are vital to assess your physical state.

With state-of-the-art equipment and technical excellence, the condition of your lungs, your heart, liver and further organs will be analysed and assessed. We work very closely in cooperation with our Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®) and psychiatric team as part of our holistic approach.

Weight management, metabolic stress improvements and our detoxification programme have very high success rates. As a result, many medical care clients end up leaving the practice lighter, cigarette-free and without the cravings, rituals and stress levels that often create negative health consequences. Our detoxification programme has very high success rates.

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With regard to your heart and circulation, our team of professionals will monitor your blood pressure and use electrocardiography for 24 hour periods if necessary, while also utilising echocardiography provided by our in-house cardiologist. We can extend our examinations according to the Swiss Medical Standard through employing computed coronary angiography or further methods.

The heart rate variability testing will inform us about the stress level in your life and monitor the success of our treatment.

When assessing your lungs, lung function tests and, if necessary, thorax x-rays and computer-generated tomography of your chest will be undertaken. If it’s your abdominal organs we are probing, then an abdomen ultrasound will be used, with additional colonoscopy and gastroscopy screenings and if necessary, alongside an upper abdomen MRI and abdominal computed tomography.

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Neurological and psychiatric assessments, possibly coupled with MRI scans, will be vital to complete the full analysis of your medical check. Through sleep analysis tests, we can work hard to improve sleep quality, as this can be a crucial step in the improvement of your wellbeing.

For female clients, a hormonal analysis and potential rebalancing commonly takes place. Depending on the situation, additional gynaecological clarification, breast X-ray and ultrasound are carried out. For men, we will examine your hormonal state and, if necessary, balance it and check your prostate via laboratory and ultrasound examination.

Analysis of your metabolism is paramount in order to yield evidence about your general state of health. Our medical team will undertake a full determination of your body composition, paying close attention to electrolyte and vitamin status, cholesterol and fat metabolism, sugar levels and possible iron deficiency or overload. We will also screen for diabetes and thyroid disorders.

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Tests will be undertaken at our Zurich treatment centre. However, on some occasions, it may be prudent to consult certain experts off-site. We are proud of our close and unique network of excellent contacts at institutions such as the renowned University Hospital of Zurich or the exclusive Männedorf Hospital. If a visit is required, we will ensure a smooth transition, overseeing your treatment and collaborating with some of the leading specialists in their field, including bariatric surgeons.

We will take a deep dive into your medical history and pre-existing conditions, scrutinising previous records and liaising with your medical professionals back home, if appropriate. Our team will be at your disposal as a long-term medical contact point always offering expert medical advice, second opinions and annual checks of your state of health.

Our Continuing Care team will oversee your wellbeing when you return home, designing a programme of sustainable life changes for a seamless and ongoing recovery.

We don’t just give advice, this is the easier part, we also act and do what is realistically necessary for every client.

Rest assured, The Kusnacht Practice will be at your side at all times as we relentlessly carry out our mission - to endeavour to bring you back to the best of health.

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