Self-assessment test for Eating disorders

Please be aware that eating disorders vary enormously and test results should not be used as a substitute for clinical advice.

1. Do you feel fat, even though people say that you are thin?

2. Do you often worry about what you eat?

3. Do you try to control your weight by vomiting or taking laxatives?

4. Would you rather eat alone than with others?

5. When you eat, are you afraid you can’t stop?

6. Have you lied to others about what you eat?

7. Would you like yourself better if you were thinner?

8. Do you feel fat and bloated when you eat?

9. Do you feel guilty when you eat?

10. Do you take part in eating binges?

11. Do you get anxious when people watch you eat?

12. Do you do unusual things with food, such as use special utensils, make patterns on the plate, or hide it or spit it out before swallowing?

13. Have you fasted to lose weight?

14. Have you ever stolen food, laxatives or diet pills?

15. Have you ever felt you’d rather die than be fat?

16. Do you experience any of the following: cold hands or feet, thinning hair, fragile nails, dizziness, weakness, irregular heartbeat, fainting, dental cavities, dry skin or swollen glands in the neck?

17. If you are female, are your menstrual periods irregular or absent, or if you are male has your sex drive decreased?

18. Do you get anxious or depressed when you gain weight?

19. Have you missed work (or education) due to eating habits?

20. Do your eating habits interfere with friendships or romantic relationships?

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