Self-test for Sex and Love addiction

The following questions are to be used merely as a guide for identifying possible signs of sex and love addiction. Please be aware that patterns vary enormously between individuals. Test results should not be used as a substitute for clinical diagnosis.

1. Do you often find yourself preoccupied with thoughts about sex?

2. Do you have trouble controlling your sexual behaviour even though you are aware it may be inappropriate or dangerous to your health?

3. Were you sexually abused as a child or adolescent?

4. Have you subscribed to or regularly purchased sexually explicit material such as internet downloads, magazines or videos, or have you ever paid for sex?

5. Has your use of online pornography, phone sex lines or internet sex chat-rooms etc exceeded your ability to pay for those services or become greater than your intimate contact with your romantic partner(s)?

6. Did/do your parents have difficulties with their own sexual or romantic behaviours?

7. Do you hide the extent or nature of your sexual activities from your partner(s) or friends (other than for reasons of your sexual orientation)?

8. Do you look forward to events with family and friends being over so that you can go out and have sex?

9. Do you visit sex clubs or sex video / book stores or sexual bath-houses as part of your sexual activity?

10. Do you believe that anonymous or casual sex has prevented you from developing long-term intimate relationships and / or achieving personal goals?

11. Do you experience difficulties in maintaining intimate sexual relationships once the initial excitement of a new partner has worn off?

12. Do your sexual encounters ever create risks that you will be arrested for lewd conduct, public indecency or other sexual offences?

13. Has anyone ever been hurt emotionally by events linked to your sexual behaviour, for example lying to a partner or friends, failing to attend an appointment or event because you were involved in sexual activity?

14. Do you ever feel depressed or ashamed after sex?

15. Have you made repeated promises to yourself to change aspects of your sexual activity, only to break them later (for reasons other than your sexual orientation).

16. Has sex ever interfered with any aspect of your professional or personal life, for example being unable to concentrate at work or causing the break-up of a relationship?

17. Have you ever engaged in unsafe or risky sexual practices even though you knew it could harm either you or others?

18. Have you ever had sex with someone just because you felt aroused and subsequently regretted it?

19. Have you ever cruised public lavatories, rest areas or parks looking for a sexual partner?

20. Does your partner, friends or family every worry about your sexual behaviour (other than for reasons of your sexual orientation)?