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Andrea Kistner

Chief of Staff to the CEO

Andrea Kistner

Andrea Kistner is Chief of Staff to the CEO at The Kusnacht Practice. In her role, she builds internal relationships between team members at all levels to guarantee that teams work together to provide clients with the best possible treatment.

Andrea has an extensive career in the private banking sector, having worked as a Senior Assistance and relationship manager with UBS Switzerland and London. She was also Head of Financial Products and Services for MDM Bank, a private bank in Moscow, as well  as a relationship manager with Credit Suisse London.

Andrea has also successfully grown and scaled her own business for more than a decade. Anticipating and exceeding the needs and requirements of clients has always been at the core of what she does, and she benefits from this wealth of experience and can apply it every day for the benefit of The Kusnacht Practice’s clients.

She believes that purpose is defined by what we do every single day: striving to deliver the very best psychological and dependency treatment services for our clients, allowing them to achieve their personal goals. Andrea also believes that it’s difficult to find something more meaningful than that, which is exactly why she is passionate about helping clients of The Kusnacht Practice.

She takes the most satisfaction out of seeing a client achieving their goals against their own disbeliefs, and then being recognised for helping them do exactly that.

Andrea’s native tongue is German and she also speaks fluent English.



We are pleased to announce that The Kusnacht Practice is fully operational and our international clients are being granted border clearance by the Swiss authorities. All Covid-19 safety protocol remains strictly in place, as advised by Switzerland’s Health Authority.
For treatment enquiries please contact: +41 43 499 6050 / [email protected]