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Anthony James

Live-In Counsellor

Anthony James

Anthony is a leading UK and International sobriety coach also specialising in interventions. He has a BSC (Hon’s) in Psychology and Business and initially trained as an alcohol and addiction counsellor at City and Hackney Alcohol Counselling Service in London. His passion is to help individuals end their dependency and transform their lives.

He has over 21 years of experience in addiction and has worked in various well-renowned clinical settings within both private and public commissioned treatment sectors. He has been a member of the Live-in Counselling Team since 2019, successfully providing support for clients with all types of addiction and mental health disorders.

We are pleased to announce that The Kusnacht Practice is fully operational and our international clients are being granted border clearance by the Swiss authorities. All Covid-19 safety protocol remains strictly in place, as advised by Switzerland’s Health Authority.
For treatment enquiries please contact: +41 43 499 6050 / [email protected]