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Bela Pete

Yoga Instructor

Bela Pete

Bela Pete is a certified yoga instructor with many years of experience. His teachings include the classic Hatha Yoga, combining various elements of yoga in an uplifting and invigorating way.

He’s been a yoga practitioner since 1999. He completed three and a half years of yoga teacher training at the University of Yoga in Villeret. He has a Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning SVEB / FSEA,  a certified member of the Swiss Yoga Association, and European Fitness Association.

In 2009 – 2016, he worked also as a caregiver at «Start Again» Zürich addiction therapy Currently, Béla works as a pedagogue manager in stationary therapy at in Zurich. He also performs original yoga classes at different places in the Zurich area related to the themes of Mindfulness – training, meditation and Body 2 Mind work.

Bela conducts yoga and meditation classes for diverse groups of recipients working with various groups from the IT industry, through sellers, to creative personalities.