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Charlotte Adler BA Hons

Live-in Counsellor

Charlotte Adler BA Hons

Charlotte Adler is a London based Recovery Coach and Addictions Counsellor. With over thirteen years experience, she has worked with numerous clients focusing on all aspects of recovery in the aftermath of addiction and trauma.

A keen interest in the connection between Western psychology and Eastern Spiritual practice and healing techniques led her, post Graduation from Goldsmiths University, to spend many years studying The Dhammapada and concepts of Theravadan Buddhism

On a further academic basis, recently completing two years of study with Princeton University in Buddhism & Modern Psychology, exploring the relatable connections to modern Cognitive Science.

Time spent in Northern India practicing both yoga and meditation, has garnered her world-wide experience teaching on retreats, guiding meditation and hosting workshops on Healing & Eastern Psychology.

Additional to this skillset, Charlotte has also worked as a professional artist for over thirty years, combining the therapeutic nature of that work in helping her clients to gain insight and express themselves, but also learning to have a little fun in the process!