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Dave Mulvaney

Live-in Counsellor

Dave Mulvaney

Dave Mulvaney is a leading UK based clinical interventionist and addictions specialist , with over 30 years’ experience at a senior level in the addiction treatment field. He specialises in counselling clients with drug or alcohol addictions and other compulsive or addictive disorders such as gambling, shopping, sex or computer gaming. He trained at Kings College University, London to post graduate level and is a founder member of UKESAD, (the United Kingdom and European Symposium on Addictive Disorders), an annual conference bringing together experts from all over the world, sharing new innovations for addiction treatment and international best practice.

Dave gained his work experience in both the public and private sectors, including as the Director of Services of the UK’s Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners Trust. He has been involved in developing and providing consultancy services to addiction treatment programs in the community and residential settings including The Priory Hospital, Roehampton, Life Works Community and the SHARP Outpatient service in London.

Dave has been working with families and individuals who have been caught up in the destruction and devastation caused by alcoholism, drug addiction and other behavioural health issues since 1992. He has trained with some of the most respected interventionists in Europe and the USA. In 2016 he completed The Love First Clinical Interventionist training at the Betty Ford Clinic in California with Jeff and Debra Jay, two of the foremost clinical interventionists in the USA

Love First Clinical interventionists use the power of love and concern to break through addiction and denial and get your loved one into treatment. By organising family members and friends in a very specific way, as laid out in Love First, we are able to get results that were impossible in the past.

Dave has been offering specialised intervention services to families and concerned others since 2005.

He is also a qualified mediator and provides, sober companion and sober escort services alongside the provision of a complete addiction treatment care package on a residential or outpatient.

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