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Dr. med. Katayun Hassanpour, eMBA HSG

Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Dr. med. Katayun Hassanpour, eMBA HSG

Dr. med. Katayun Hassanpour is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Coming from an international background she was brought up in Germany, having been born to a German mother and Iranian father. She studied medicine in Frankfurt/Main, Zürich, Vienna and New York and Leuwen/Belgium, obtaining her doctor’s title from the university of Zürich.

Most of her job experience she gained from Zürich University Units and is the author and co-author of a number of scientific articles. Dr. Katayun had an education in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD (PE) from UPenn, Philadelphia, and her special interest and is in trauma from both a scientific and therapeutical point of view. She holds a eMBA degree in general management from the University of St. Gallen and served last as the deputy head doctor of a cantonal psychiatric hospital, before she started working as the head doctor with a start-up in the private care sector. She holds lectures and is active in the training of residents and students.

Dr. Katayun loves the holistic approach of The Kusnacht Practice and highly appreciates the bespoke therapies to match every individual`s needs.
Due to her upbringing she is sensitive to different cultural backgrounds.

She speaks German and English.

The Kusnacht Practice’s use of technology continues to enable the team’s seamless communication and we are supporting our clients via digital platforms in light of the temporary international travel restrictions. Our Medical Director is conducting initial patient assessments accordingly and we have a waiting list in preparation for the moment that travel restrictions are lifted in order to expedite admissions. For treatment enquiries please contact: +41 43 499 6050 / [email protected]