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Dr. med. Douglas Liddell

Senior Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Dr. med. Douglas Liddell

Building upon the foundation of his university studies in compared philosophy and religion at La Sorbonne University in Paris , Dr Douglas Liddell has endeavored to develop an innovative humanistic and holistic approach to psychiatric care. After extensive retreat in Asia, he specialized in various therapeutic meditation methods and made a link with the most advanced scientific research in that field.

His deep interest for the fundamental brain function led to a collaboration with a research centre in psychiatry for several years. Dr Liddell focused on neurostimulation technics such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). He has worked in many specialized centres in France and in the UK, building his knowledge in addiction, depressive and anxiety disorders, crisis intervention, child and adolescent conditions, as well as research on obsessive compulsive disorders.

Dr Liddell was also trained in various therapeutic fields such as clinical psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness in order to adapt to a patient’s individual treatment needs.

On a personal level, Dr Liddell helped with Charity work in orphanages and hospices in Kolkata, India. He enjoys practicing sports (marathon, swimming, yoga) and enjoys to travel and to discover new cultures around the world .

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