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Eugenia Kozi

Client Relations Manager

Eugenia Kozi

Coming from a versatile background in sociology, counselling and sales & communications, Eugenia had significant experience with interdisciplinary collaborations.

Her commercial experience as a project manager in the health industry (pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and private clinics) gave her the opportunity to build strong communication and managing skills.

Having worked for many years with socially excluded groups, she has created resilience and strong empathy.

As a Client Relations Manager at The Kusnacht Practice, she successfully manages to build relationships of credibility and trust assisting Clients during their very first steps of the recovery process.


The Kusnacht Practice’s use of technology continues to enable the team’s seamless communication and we are supporting our clients via digital platforms in light of the temporary international travel restrictions. Our Medical Director is conducting initial patient assessments accordingly and we have a waiting list in preparation for the moment that travel restrictions are lifted in order to expedite admissions. For treatment enquiries please contact: +41 43 499 6050 / [email protected]