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Geraldine Matthews

Chief Operating Officer

Geraldine Matthews

Geraldine Matthews is originally from Montreal Canada, and has been a manager in healthcare organisations for more than 16 years.  Her career began in 1997 when she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and went on to work mainly in cardiology and critical care.  Geraldine quickly developed a passion for management and leading teams.  Her main focus has been on client satisfaction and safety in all her different roles.  Recruitment and retention has also been a large part of her work in a challenging time of staff shortages.  Process and change management is crucial in care environments and having a green belt in LEAN concept of continuous quality improvement, as well as obtaining a Master’s in management, have allowed her to distinguish herself in her domain. Geraldine’s caring nature coupled with her knowledge of client disease process have kept the client at the centre of her work throughout her career.  Among other topics, Geraldine has always appreciated ethnic diversity of the clients and managing generational differences in her teams.

As clinical operations manager at The Kusnacht Practice, she works closely with clients, individualising their care plans and ensuring an overall positive experience.  She also works behind the scenes improving teams, communication, work flow, and recruiting the best possible individuals for our clients.

As clinical project manager of the endoscopy project, Geraldine brings to the table a specific skillset from her past. Having managed an endoscopy unit for several years, she is responsible for the implementation phase, and the recruitment and supervision of the nurses in Double Check, our group company.