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Med. pract. Christine Fritz

Deputy Head Biomolecular Restoration - Specialist in Integrative Medicine

Med. pract. Christine Fritz

Med. pract. Christine Fritz graduated in May 1996 as a medical doctor after having studied medicine in Berlin and Göttingen, Germany.

Since November 1996, Med. pract. Christine Fritz has been practicing as a medical doctor in her own practice as well as at an hospital in Karlsruhe, Germany and is specialised in preventive medicine, anti-aging, burn-out and stress management as well as orthomolecular medicine.

In January 2017, Med. pract. Christine Fritz joined The Kusnacht Practice as a specialist for integrative medicine using her extensive experience and holistic approach.

Med. pract. Christine Fritz’s focus lies in tailoring individually adapted micronutrient supplementation, specific infusion therapies as well as phytotherapy and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In addition, she is also experienced in naturopathy and nutritional medicine in combination with the restoration of the microbiome (leaky gut) and restoration of the acid / alkaline balance.