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Tom Drake

Live-in Counsellor

Tom Drake

Tom Drake is a senior member of our team, with a career built on more than 30 years of experience working in the health sector. He studied psychiatric nursing at Bournemouth University and further trained in integrative psychotherapy at Regents University in the United Kingdom.

Tom brings to the Kusnacht Practice his dynamic background of supporting and leading care for individuals across all spectrum of the age range (children, adolescents, adults and families) and presenting with multiple life situations and diagnosis. His expertise in working with dual diagnosis, psychotic disorders, incidental and complex trauma, and substance and behavioural addictions provides him the opportunity to take part in making an unsurpassed difference in the lives of the Kusnacht Practice’s guests.

Tom is most passionate about empowering individuals to make meaningful changes in their lives. His practice is influenced by the work of Carl Jung, Nietsche, Sartre, and Dickens. He utilizes an integrative approach in supporting of his clients and believes that “everything happens in the relationship”, thus creating a safe and loving space at all times for his clients to heal.

We are pleased to announce that The Kusnacht Practice is fully operational and our international clients are being granted border clearance by the Swiss authorities. All Covid-19 safety protocol remains strictly in place, as advised by Switzerland’s Health Authority.
For treatment enquiries please contact: +41 43 499 6050 / [email protected]