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Yvonne Black

Client Experience Coordinator

Yvonne Black

Yvonne Black is the Client Experience Coordinator at The Kusnacht Practice. In her role, Yvonne is responsible for creating a comprehensive experience for the client that extends beyond in-house therapy.

In her hometown of Brisbane, Australia and London, Yvonne has spent a majority of her career as a naturopathic consultant and practitioner. She is insightful and experienced in dealing with people who are unwell and does exceptionally well at making individuals and families feel supported through a comprehensive and well-planned treatment programme.

As a warm and open individual who is able to build a rapport with people quickly, Yvonne knows that treatment and therapy goes beyond that of a typical ‘clinic’ environment. By listening to them and getting to know them, she is able to piece together a well-rounded treatment plan that includes therapies and experiences that promote optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Whether it be clinical, personal or simply planning leisure activities, Yvonne finds it incredibly rewarding to attend to these with equal care and devotion. She also considers it a true privilege to accompany clients on their journey to recovery and see them succeed in their own individual way.

Yvonne is a native English speaker and speaks German at an A2 level.

We are pleased to announce that The Kusnacht Practice is fully operational and our international clients are being granted border clearance by the Swiss authorities. All Covid-19 safety protocol remains strictly in place, as advised by Switzerland’s Health Authority.
For treatment enquiries please contact: +41 43 499 6050 / [email protected]