Biomolecular Restoration


BIO-R® is about revitalising and recalibrating your body, mind and energy through science to supercharge you and restore that sparkle and bounce back into your life. BIO-R® can help you live life to its fullest, have fun and feel young and attractive for many years to come. The holistic and 360 degree nature of this treatment is truly absolute - and unrivalled.




Protect your most valuable asset



Rejuvenate your life



Elevate your healthspan

Through scientific excellence, The Kusnacht Practice takes a deep dive into your physical and mental wellbeing, using rigorous laboratory testing to design your new life - and the new you, charting a path to a healthy, vital and happy future - from your inside to your outside.

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We will challenge your daily life and fix some patterns into which you may have slipped. Many of us just adopt habits without thinking, they just fall into our daily routine and have cumulative negative effects on our health and wellbeing, making us stressed, causing weight gain and many other problems we can avoid with ease.

We will cut through the chaos of the modern world and bring stability and structure to your life, all under careful consideration of your preferences and personal, social environment. Our grandparents’ generation didn’t really have these worries - they went to bed at prescribed times and ate three square meals a day. For many, with busy jobs and families, that’s just not possible in this era. BIO-R® is a 21st Century fix - of 21st Century health problems.

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By rewriting the rhythm of your existence, we will help hotwire zest, spice and energy into your life, rejuvenating your body and mind on a cellular level, boosting your health in a sustainable way, making you feel more attractive, livelier, sexier and more sensual. We want you to feel at your very best each day.

It is biochemistry that defines our physical and emotional wellbeing, our energy, our vivacity, the way we think and feel, our emotions and physical health, and our longevity - these are all the result of millions of complex processes in the body and brain. Your biochemistry is as unique as your fingerprint. But sometimes it loses its equilibrium, and that imbalance can lead to a whole host of problems like exhaustion, insomnia, diffuse pain, substance abuse, weight fluctuation and emotional issues such as anxiety and depressive feelings, among others. BIO-R® is the solution.

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Remember, you don’t have to suffer this way - our expert team at The Kusnacht Practice, nestled on the shores of calming Lake Zurich, will take a three-dimensional analysis of you, shining a light on your inside and outside, leaving no detail overlooked. We will detox and re-energise your body and mind - giving you a new lease of life! We believe you’ll feel reborn. Think of it as us deconstructing your body and mind piece by piece, polishing up every single tiny component and reassembling a revitalised version of you.

This isn’t just about diet, weight loss and micro-nutritional supplements- they are key pillars, of course, but BIO-R® is much more than that. This is a very tailored, personalised approach rooted deeply in science - and our results speak for themselves, with many clients saying they feel decades younger and better following the treatment.

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We give sustainable health solutions that you can build into your new life, with rejuvenation and anti-ageing for women and men of all ages being the fundamental cornerstones of our work. Consider BIO-R® as an early-warning system that can prevent burnout and premature ageing before it takes hold and damages your life - and potentially the length of it.

We can locate the individualised keys for your rejuvenation and longevity - on a cellular level. The methods we use are extensive lab testings and specific examinations - some say the most in-depth on the planet - to analyse complex biochemical levels and evaluate what we need to construct the right all-encompassing holistic treatment plan, adapted uniquely to the client.

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Complementing this approach, our BIO-R® Excellence Team of world-beating anti-ageing doctors, dermatologists, sleep experts, gynaecologists, personal trainers and coaches combine to make you blossom. These experts sit alongside top nutritionists, dieticians and laboratory technicians who use science and medical excellence to prescribe and teach you completely individualised meal and supplement plans, which will restore and consolidate your daily life. Hormone replacement, specific treatments such as Intermittent Hyperoxia-Hypoxia therapy (IHHT), Ozone therapies, infusions and bariatric treatments among others are on hand at all times, if required.

Such recalibration and rejuvenation is only possible with BIO-R®’s truly individualised programmes, it just depends on you - because you, your personality, your biochemistry, are all unique.

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