Intermittent Hypoxic-Hyperoxic Training (IHHT) is a therapeutic technique pioneered for Russian space travel which can improve human performance and increase energy levels. The treatment involves administering varying concentrations of oxygen at intervals via an oxygen mask. An interval of reduced oxygen will be followed by an interval of oxygen enriched air.

Unlike climbing a peak, where the body adapts to gradually lower levels of oxygen, IHHT deprives the body of oxygen in short, sharp bursts. Such a reduction of O2 stimulates activity of protective proteins like antioxidants and optimizes the efficiency of mitochondrial energy production.

IHHT rejuvenates and protects the cells in our body. It improves overall wellbeing and resilience against burnout and depression. IHHT also stimulates muscle strength, agility and mental function and is popular amongst professional athletes for its capacity to boost endurance and improve overall stamina.

The treatment may be employed to aid those with chronic fatigue, brain fog, loss of concentration, mental confusion (also in the elderly population), anxiety, weight management problems and to alleviate muscle aches.

Moreover, hyperoxic intervals are helpful in treating infections caused by bacteria sensitive to oxygen levels such as Borrelia burgdorferi (chronic Lyme disease).

The benefits provided by IHHT are manifold and we highly recommend it for adults of any age.

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