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The human race’s relationship with food can be a complex one. In modern society, we are super-served a constant barrage of images of so-called perfect bodies and unrealistic diet plans via digital and social media, TV and magazines. This can contort our understanding of the role of food, of our bodies and lead to body perfectionism.

Anorexia is a non-discriminatory disease which can affect individuals, whatever their age, gender, race or ethnicity. It is all about perfectionism and distorted body image and is probably the best-known eating disorder. Anorexics restrict their food intake to keep weight off. Many will try dieting and the use of legal and illegal drugs such as laxatives and cocaine. If you think you may be suffering, please know that expert care from professionals using evidence-backed techniques can help those you address your problems with eating. Never forget that recovery is possible.


The Kusnacht Practice is renowned for its absolute, dedicated attention and precision, honesty and transparency in a warm and empathetic environment.

With the pure waters of Switzerland’s Lake Zurich lapping on its nearby shores and enveloped by nature and clean air, the treatment centre offers a holistic, 360 degree, mind, body and energy rebalancing and restoration.

Its state-of-the-art facility combines Swiss standards of excellence, luxury and cutting edge, innovative technology with world-renowned medical expertise, compassion and sensitivity. Each and every client is treated uniquely and privately in their own sumptuous, five-star residence and provided with the highest standards of professionalism, care and discretion.


Anorexia is a perceived need to be or remain slim - a distorted belief that the restriction of food consumption and calories will improve one’s life. In fact, quite the opposite can be the real outcome, with many developing extreme mood swings, lack of energy and a string of side-effects, including psychotic disorders and even death. Anorexia and depression often accompany one other, with many experiencing sadness, isolation, shame, rejection, a feeling of not belonging or being misunderstood by others, This can have a huge knock-on effect on relationships with loved ones.

You think you’re fat when everyone else thinks you’re thin. But that distortion and the disease itself is extremely common. An estimated 30 million Americans suffer with it. Studies there show anorexia as the third most common illness in young people, just after asthma and type 1 diabetes. However, only one in ten are believed to seek treatment with a death every 62 minutes in the US.

Now those figures may sound frightening to you, but many who seek the right treatment fully recover and correct their relationship with food. And that’s what The Kusnacht Practice can do for you.


  • Avoiding food that may lead to an increase in body mass.
  • Making arrangements to avoid meals and gatherings where food is available
  • Very low body mass, lower than 85% of the ideal weight for a given age and height
  • Extreme fear of putting on weight
  • Hair loss
  • Amenorrhea, or the absence of menstruation, in women
  • A decrease in sexual drive, in men


The priority here at the Kusnacht Practice is to identify and treat the underlying causes of anorexia with a personalised plan for recovery, tailored uniquely for you.

We want to take a 360 degree look inside your body and mind with no detail overlooked.

Our professional team of unparalleled experts have successfully treated many people just like you, so there is nothing to be afraid of. To reach the goal of overcoming anorexia, we look beyond the mere anorexia symptoms to treat the whole person: mind, body, and energy.

We use comprehensive and evidence-backed laboratory testing to identify any physical, biochemical, or neurochemical imbalances and the toll that your eating disorder may have taken on your body and mind. We will identify the triggers for your unhealthy eating habits and analyse your dysfunctional behaviours, improving your self-esteem, educating you on coping strategies for the future. Our team of highly-trained nutritionists will be the architects of a personalised healthy eating plan to bring your body back to good health.

We will also utilise approaches like psychotherapy, Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®), and complementary therapies.

For many like you, anorexia is a blip in life which can be overcome through the right talking therapies and empathy. These are our hallmarks here and we will make you better in a private and absolutely discreet and loving environment.

“I thought I was overweight but now I know I clearly wasn’t. My mind had become distorted but the brightness is back now and I finally understand my relationship with food thanks to such a fantastic team at The Kusnacht Practice.”

Petra, 34

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