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Burnout Treatment

— when stress becomes debilitating

We offer the best medical treatment in completely private and luxurious surroundings at Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Our internationally renowned team provides intensive one-on-one care, identifying and treating the underlying causes of the Burnout.

Burnout can be experienced in any situation

We all react to stress in different ways. Some individuals may experience an enormous amount of stress and process it in a healthy manner.  Others may encounter very few stressors but find it difficult to cope.

When an individual is overwhelmed and unable to meet the constant demands that they face, it may lead to a condition known as burnout, which can be highly debilitating.

Burnout is an anxiety disorder that occurs when an individual has difficulty coping with stress, leaving them in state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion.  The condition is commonly encountered in a work environment, but it can be experienced by anyone in any stressful situation. It exists when a person is no longer able to function adequately

The human costs of burnout

Most of us have days when we temporarily feel overloaded, but when the pressure of constant stress becomes intolerable it can take a massive toll on our wellbeing.

Burnout reduces a person’s productivity and saps their energy, and can leave them feeling hopeless, angry and resentful. Other symptoms may include feelings of emptiness, mood swings, indecisiveness, apathy and lack of motivation, feelings of being out of control, panic attacks, depression and an inability to enjoy life.

It can also lead to physical problems such as heart palpitations, chest pains and recurrent sickness. It can also be associated with increased use of alcohol or other substances.

Recovering from burnout

A study by the World Health Organization estimated that 264 million* people globally were living with an anxiety disorder.

Stressful experiences that can contribute to burnout can include a heavy workload, financial or legal difficulties, family arguments, relationship problems, health issues or the loss of a loved one.

However, with professional help and support from qualified clinical experts it is possible to overcome burnout by learning to process stress in a healthy way. If you believe you may be suffering from burnout please contact us.

Useful inks

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