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— A reliance on others for our self-worth


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Understanding codependency

when caring becomes a compulsion

Codependency is a compulsive disorder that can lead to an individual developing an unhealthy reliance on people or things for their emotional needs. It can occur in dysfunctional families in which a person’s self-worth derives from caring for others.

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Treatment for codependency

Treatment for codependency

a personal journey to recovery

Each client receives a tailored treatment plan in order to identify the underlying causes of codependency. Our clinical team use evidence-based procedures to treat clients individually (one at time, never in groups) in luxurious surroundings.

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Therapy methods:

our unique approach

We use psychotherapy delivered by doctors and psychiatrists, along with Biomolecular Restoration. This can be particularly effective when used alongside complementary treatments and 12 Step programmes.

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