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- the most common eating disorder among men

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Symptoms and effects of overeating

Binge Eating Disorder can bring about serious health complications, both of the physical and emotional nature. It may also result in many of the risks commonly associated with obesity, like diabetes, heart disease and sleep apnoea. Among the emotional consequences widely linked with this eating disorder, the most frequent are anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. These factors have a great impact on the quality of life, both for individuals and their relatives.

The most common symptoms of overeating

  1. regularly eating more food than most people would do in a single sitting
  2. having binge eating episodes at least once a week for three months or longer
  3. feeling out of control while you’re eating
  4. eating a lot even when you’re not hungry
  5. eating alone, particularly because you’re embarrassed about how much you’re eating
  6. eating really fast or past the point of feeling full


Treatment for overeating

Overeating treatment

Our treatment programme aims to unveil the physical and emotional factors beneath your eating habits, to help you cease binge eating and undertake solid steps toward long-term recovery. We also assist in finding the right responses to increasing emotional problems, like using various relaxation techniques in the calming atmosphere of a luxury rehab house instead of reaching out for food. Your medical and nutritional needs are our priority at The Kusnacht Practice, so that we may manage to customise the most suitable programme for improving your body and spirit.


We provide the very best care and comfort. The treatment investment starts at CHF 97,000 per week. This covers all programme costs excluding: transportation to/from the client’s home to Zurich; medical issues unrelated to the treatment programme; Continuing Care. Fees are settled directly by the client (we do not work with insurance companies) and we can supply written quotations upon request.

The Kusnacht Practice services are not covered by Swiss health insurances. All costs are to be covered directly by the clients. Patients who are domiciled in Switzerland and are therefore mandatorily health insured may be reimbursed by their health insurance for medical services in accordance with the Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG) and its implementing provisions.

Client testimonials and treatment options

  • Max, aged 29

    “I have been raised to associate love and happiness with food and feast, so it led me to eat for solace. I began to gain weight but with the feeling that eating truly alleviated my anxiety. The Kusnacht Practice specialists have shown me an alternative path and with its wide range of facilities made me feel free and truly cared about.”

General enquiries
(non-treatment related)

Phone +41 43 541 11 52
E-mail [email protected]


Treatment enquiries

Phone +41 43 499 60 50
E-mail [email protected]


Our unique approach is discreet, non-judgemental and confidential. We look beyond the surface issues in order to identify and treat the true underlying causes. Feel free to contact us to learn more. Our Comprehensive treatment starts at CHF 97'000 per week.

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