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A healthy attitude towards sex and intimacy is something that many regard as a normal part of everyday life.

But for some, sex and love can become a powerful compulsion that dominates someone’s life and may become impossible to control. It is not a dissimilar effect on the brain’s chemistry to that sometimes exerted by drugs or alcohol.

Sex can often feel ubiquitous. In a modern world of digital media, sexually explicit images and sexual services are omnipresent and lurk just the push of a button away - literally.

This can make sex feel like something from which it is difficult to escape. While many can control those urges, others cannot and the temptation becomes impossible to resist.

Well, the good news is that, with the correct expert treatment, sex and love can be regarded and enjoyed in a healthy way once again.


The Kusnacht Practice is renowned for its absolute, dedicated attention and precision, honesty and transparency in a warm and empathetic environment.

With the pure waters of Switzerland’s Lake Zurich lapping on its nearby shores and enveloped by nature and clean air, the treatment centre offers a holistic, 360 degree, mind, body and energy rebalancing and restoration.

Its state-of-the-art facility combines Swiss standards of excellence, luxury and cutting edge, innovative technology with world-renowned medical expertise, compassion and sensitivity. Each and every client is treated uniquely and privately in their own sumptuous, five-star residence and provided with the highest standards of professionalism, care and discretion.


Fixations with love and sex are most likely to develop from a mix of psychological, physical, genetic, biochemical and social factors.

Some may have issues with self-esteem, difficulties coping with painful emotions or a history of childhood sexual abuse. Falling intensely in love or having sex can trigger the same types of neurotransmitters as using mood-altering drugs. And just as chronic drug misuse leads to a dependency, repetitive bouts of sex or serial relationships can end up in similar outcomes.

It is common to become overwhelmed by heightened shame and deep regret. These negative emotions can, in turn, become triggers for further compulsive sexual activity.

Could this be you? If so, please don’t burden yourself with excess worry, because you are most definitely not suffering alone. In fact, estimates by The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health suggest that around 3 to 5 per cent of the population may suffer from sex addiction and therefore require admission to a treatment centre. An estimated 40 million Americans log on to some 4.2 million pornographic websites each day.

As you would expect, with so many people suffering from such issues, there have been great advances in treatments for sex and love addictions, so your concerns can be addressed and resolved smoothly by professionals with the highest level of evidence-based treatments at their fingertips.


  • Constantly craving and searching for a romantic relationship
  • Persistent masturbation, obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies that interfere with life, both personality and professionally
  • Preferring pornography instead of sex in a meaningful relationship
  • Mistaking intense sexual experiences and new passionate excitement for love
  • Habitual sending of unwanted explicit texts or images
  • Using sex, seduction, and manipulation to hold on to a partner
  • Preoccupation with sexual behaviour or preparatory activities
  • Excessive amounts of time spent on obtaining sex, being sexual, or recovering from sexual experiences
  • The need to progress the intensity, frequency, number, or risk level of activities to achieve the desired effect
  • Distress, anxiety, restlessness, or irritability if unable to engage in sexual behaviour


At The Kusnacht Practice, our empathic and nurturing approach is all-encompassing with a holistic, 360 degree recovery plan. We will have successfully treated many just like yourself and we never judge. Rest assured, we are renowned for our discretion and privacy, creating a safe and protective environment where we can concentrate on nothing more than making you better. Our treatment plans are unique and absolutely personalized but, with such intimacy problems, we would usually combine group therapy, individual counselling, and cognitive behavioural therapy, alongside activities designed to boost self-esteem and rebuild resilience. Learning to reject unhealthy attachments to sex or fantasy is a massive step towards a genuine, intimate relationship with a partner too.

We will organise everything for you and with no detail overlooked. We are here for you and there is nothing to be afraid of, so take the step and with our warmth and sensitivity we can bring you back to good health.

“I was unable to control my feelings and fell into bad habits, both emotionally and sexually. The Kusnacht Practice unlocked me and made me realise what this behaviour stemmed from. My soul has been liberated."

Rachel, 36

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