What is the Biomolecular Restoration BIO-R® programme?

QA What is Bio R

BIO-R® stands for Biomolecular Restoration. And it is our very innovative highly-personalised medical treatment approach to empower and revitalise the body and mind of our clients, delay the ageing processes, and allow them to feel at their best physically, emotionally and mentally. This through very in-depth, state-of-the-art laboratory testings, tailored micronutrient supplementation and specific treatments on a cellular level, and coaching to make the success sustainable on long term.

This method is applied either as stand-alone treatment, or in synergy and harmony with our conventional medical approach. In BIO-R® we focus on the gain of physical, emotional and mental health, and vitality of wellbeing. But on the other hand, also on rejuvenation; delaying the ageing process, which we know nowadays is possible. Restoration of a healthy sleep, which is key for lots of people nowadays. Sustainable weight loss – make it work for the long term. And of course, actually a very important topic, a strong immune system.

– Dr. med. vet. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo, Director of Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®), Nutrition & Lifestyle.